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Tiptoe Through The Undergrowth

Current Exhibition / 13 September 2017 to 4 October 2017
Tortoiseshell Gallery is excited to welcome you to a brand new collection of works by Melbourne based artists BE FREE and SUKI. TIPTOE THROUGH THE UNDERGROWTH is a quiet celebration of our natural world. In light of the continued destruction of the Earth’s natural environments this exhibition is a gentle reminder to tune in to nature and return the nurturing that it has provided us for millennia. BE FREE is a street artist painting and pasting adventures around Melbourne, Australia, and slowly the world continually trying new ideas, mediums and methods for interacting with the public, engaging the passer-by, displaying art in different manners and scales… ‘All Those Shapes'. SUKI works primarily with urban art installations and printmaking, though also explores materials including fabric, fibre, ink and found objects. Combining the subtle beauty of women and the natural world she creates works that contrast and complement the walls of the city. Travelling around the country and overseas to share her art Suki seeks to draw attention to the beauty in the decay of urban walls and the disparity of quiet images against the busy world of city life.