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David Briggs / Past exhibition 1

Sunrise, Blayney
© Tortoiseshell Gallery and David Briggs, Sydney 2023

David Briggs

Sunrise, Blayney

oil on canvas
30.5 x 61 cm
In his paintings David Briggs emphasises a naturalistic depiction of a subject through colour, light and atmosphere. This painting is from a series of three inspired by a trip to the Orange region in 2014 and was exhibited at the Orange Regional Gallery of the same year. Sunrise, Blayney is concerned with capturing an ephemeral effect of light as the dawning sun rises. To render the radiant luminosity of the sun and create a sense of mystery, Briggs approaches the composition through the use of subdued colours and atmospheric distances contrasting with blazing shafts of sunlight through the central tree that dominates the scene.

David Briggs

David Briggs is a still life and landscape painter from Clovelly, New South Wales. Since 1996 he has been teaching drawing and colour theory at Sydney’s Julian Ashton Art School and at the National Art School since 2009. Briggs’ applied research and teaching into colour theory have largely influenced his paintings, many of which are of Clovelly where he lives. His paintings represent his deep fascination with colour, natural illusions of light, atmosphere and perspective. Briggs has exhibited in selected group exhibitions in Sydney and regional New South Wales. Briggs is the author of ‘The Dimensions of Colour’, an online resource for modern colour theory. Since 2015 Briggs has been the Chairperson of the New South Wales division of the Colour Society of Australia.

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