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Kerry McInnis / Salon 2016

Hills and Paddocks
© Tortoiseshell Gallery and Kerry McInnis, Sydney 2020

Kerry McInnis

Hills and Paddocks

mixed media on paper
39 x 57 cm
This painting typifies Kerry McInnis’ compositional choices and uninhabited gestural marks to depict scenes of her surrounding landscape . Working en plein air and mostly with acrylic allows for a more immediate visceral depiction of the raw and often untamed landscape. In this painting McInnis’ colour pigments of oranges and yellows, contrasted against bursts of browns and blues are used with distinct effectiveness to break down the naturally perceived pigments of the landscape to create a palette that evokes the brilliance of light and the sensibility of the Australian rugged and often lonely landscape. This painting also characterises McInnis’ simplified representation of the landscape to evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue, as well as to give the painting its timelessness and spiritual connection of time and place.

Kerry McInnis

Kerry McInnis' paintings typically depict the bush landscape of arid Australia. McInnis' paintings are a response to the rawness of the landscape and resonate a more visceral connection to the untamed landscape through uninhibited gestural mark makings and archaic forms. Often of central Australia and the surrounding landscapes of where she lives and works on a rural property just outside of Canberra, McInnis' interpretive landscapes evoking a sense of intrigue and mystery. Kerry McInnis has been a finalist in numerous national prizes and awards including the Archibald, Calleen, Cossack, Rick Amor, NSW Plein Air, Doug Moran, Black Swan, Portia Geach and Kedumba.

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