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Alexander Beech / Past exhibition 1

Dark light, Binalong Bay
© Tortoiseshell Gallery and Alexander Beech, Sydney 2022

Alexander Beech

Dark light, Binalong Bay

oil on board
65 x 70 cm
Alexander Beech is a painter who references techniques of nineteenth century landscape paintings. Imagery of the Tasmanian wilderness is a major theme of Beech. The subject of this painting is of an isolated stretch on the north east coast of Tasmania. Concerned with capturing the subtle mood of solitude and personal contemplation, Beech’s interest here is the caravan as a symbol for his immersion within the landscape. In this scene Beech conveys the nuances of mood, atmosphere and light through his brushwork and hues of greens and umber for the foreground, contrasted against the grey-pink sky to intensify the scene as the early morning sun rises

Alexander Beech

Alexander Beech is a contemporary landscape painter based in Sydney, Australia. Beech studied Life drawing and oil painting at the Julian Ashton Art School and National Art School. Beech’s works uniquely capture the mood, atmosphere and light of natural landscapes that are deeply personal and emotional. The serene and natural landscapes of Tasmania, where Beech frequently visits, are a keen subject matter for the artist. Beech has been a finalist at the 2013 and 2015 Hornsby Art Prize; and 2016, 2014, 2013 Bay of Fires Art Prize, Tasmania. Beech was awarded Highly Commended in the 2014 Tasmanian Bay of Fires Art Prize.

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