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Steve Lopes / Past exhibition 3

City Limit Figure
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Steve Lopes

City Limit Figure

oil on board
45 x 55 cm
The figure plays an important role within Steve Lopes’ compositions. In this painting the figure is the focal point, appearing to almost dwarf the scene. Lopes’ figures are often depicted in peculiar poses that distort their physique, subtly conveying their inner emotional struggles and tensions. To capture a timeless connection with his subjects, Lopes typically dresses them unfashionably and without shoes. With the use of a restricted colour palette and heavy grey tones, Lopes conveys an uneasiness and almost disturbing dark undercurrent of contemporary life.

Steve Lopes

Steve Lopes is a figurative and skill-based painter who captures the reverence and emotional worlds of his subjects and the landscape. Steve Lopes consistently attracts the attention of critics and collectors alike. His works are represented in important national and state collections including the National Gallery of Australia, Federal Parliament House Art Collection and the New South Wales State Library. As well as major national and international corporate collections including BHP, Time Warner and Rolls Royce. Steve Lopes has been a finalist in numerous national awards including the Archibald and Doug Moran Prize.

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