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Bush in Andamooka
© Tortoiseshell Gallery and Marek Herburt, Sydney 2020

Marek Herburt

Bush in Andamooka

acrylic on board
79 x 97 cm
Herburt typically draws on elements from Fauvism and Impressionism to render his compositions. Herburt became fascinated with the harshness of the Australian landscape and the intensity of the sunlight after he migrated to Australia from Poland in the early 1980’s. Herburt’s scenes typically depict remote landscapes captured at midday where colours are at their most intense. Here Herburt demonstrates his natural observations and studies into the intense dynamics of colour to render the scene through the use of bold reds and oranges with shades of blues and violets to create the perception of space and distance. This striking convergence of colour and form evoke a strong sensibility to the Australian arid landscape and the struggles against the enduring climate.

Marek Herburt

Marek Herburt creates vibrant impressionistic, semi-abstracted landscapes, typically of the Australian Bushland. Herburt’s deliberately limited range of high-keyed colours show his continuing fascination with light and its effect on colour and forms. His work more and more reflects an Australian sensibility of the effect of light on the environment where the colours are bleached and where what happens in the spaces between forms is as important as the forms themselves. Originally from Poland, Herburt studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Lodz. Herburt immigrated to Australia in 1982, he has lived in Mid-North South Australia since 2001. He is the winner of the winner of the 2016 Cossack landscape prize. 2016 and 2012 Port Lincoln Art Prize and the 2012 Port Pirie prize.

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